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The pianos listed are from the personal collection of mastercraftsman and concert piano technician Arlan Harris mpt,rpt. The consignment pianos listed below are pianos owned by clients offered for sale and commissioned to Arlan Harris.

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NOTE: All recordings were made with a simple Tascam portable digital player with internal microphones in stereo. No enhancement or post production whatsoever was used and the recording is raw and unedited. Right Click and Save As to view the song if you aren't able to open it into a new window. We highly recommend listening with good quality headphones or a good audio system.

For Sale: Steinway D 9 ft. Concert Grand: NY 1917. The “Golden Years” of Steinway. Another custom piano offered where the instrument has been improved and customized above the factory specs. Completely rebuilt, action geometry optimization, custom weigh-off and high performance action design. Concert ready. World-Class. Offered at 85,000.00. Call for more details.

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Brokerage Pianos

For Sale: A PIECE OF HISTORY! Gorgeous Bechstein B Rosewood 8' piano. Circa 1890. Purchased in 1979 from one of the greats in jazz history- Stan Getz. Provenance provided upon request for serious buyers. Piano was fully restored by Acousticraft in 2004. Additional work: New Abel hammers and complete regulation by Arlan Harris in 2011, New Pinblock/strings by Detrich pianos 1985, New dampers and damper regulation 2012- Arlan Harris Productions. Bench and damp-chaser humidity control system Included. Unique and musical historic instrument offered at only 95,000.00 dollars. Beautiful sound, action, beautiful case. Call for details.

For Sale: For Sale: Beautiful rebuilt Steinway M , ebony 1917. Restored by colleague who is admired for his work. Beautiful sound, large dynamic range. Excellent action. Call for details. On sale for 42,000.00.

0084 On Sale!
For Sale: Hard to find 1912 Baldwin F 7' Grand Piano. Piano has been refurbished in Portland. Very nice sound and priced to sell. This is an unusual piano and records well. For those who appreciate rare pianos, this is one to take seriously. Owner must sell. Offered at 25,000 dollars! satin lacquer- ebony. Bench included. Call for Details.

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For Sale: Steinway B ebony high polish serial # 431430 with new Steinway ny pin block, new strings, plate finish, new damper felts and new action parts all of S&S NY. Asking price: $46,000.00 Call for more details – fantastic piano. Note: the piano is the one on the right.

For Sale: Steinway B 85 keys rosewood serial # 77145 with new soundboard and pin block installed 1990 by Steinway HH, new back action and action in 1992. The case was refinished early 1991. Asking price: $33,000 Beautiful instrument. Call for details. Note: the piano is the one on the left.

0048 Pending
For Sale: Rare and Fabulous 1887 restored Steinway C 7'4" made in New York! This piano was owned by the well known Japanese Jazz pianist Masabumi Kikuchi. The piano has a magnificent sound, satin ebony finish. Restoration was approximately 20-25 years ago, but piano is still wonderful.

This piano is a rare gem and is priced to sell. Call for more information. Bring your technician!

On Sale for only 28,900.00 dollars. Mp3 samples arriving soon. Mr. Kikuchi has worked with Elvin Jones, Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins, and many other master jazz artists.